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Mangal Darshan on Poornima at Dwarkadheesh's Jagat Mandir

Having darshan of Dwarkadheesh on full moon day (poornima) is of great significance. In view of rush of devotees on every poornima, the Mangala aarti on every poornima is at 0600 hrs in the morning and there after darshan remains open till 0900 hrs. This decision of the preists has come as a great respite to evotees of Dwarkadheesh both from within and outside of Dwarka.

Scanner for speedy security check at Dwarkadheesh's Jagat Mandir

Visitors of Dwarkadheesh temple might feel an elevated a bit, In addition to the traditional security check while entering the Jagat Mandir, a scanner is installed to verify belongings in the hand-bag, vanity bag etc carried by the devotees. This avoids physical checking of devotees' belongings and is faster too. Mobile phones, cameras etc are not allowed in the temple precincts.

Dwarkadheesh Temple Daily Time-Table for Pooja-Archana
From 07-00 to ......... Mangala Aarti
From 08-00 to 09-15 Snan Curtain (Abhishek)
From 09-45 to 10-00 Snan Bhog
From 10-00 to 10-30 Shrinagar Darshan
From 10-30 to 10-45 Aarti Bhog
From 10-45 to ......... Aarti Darshan
From 10-55 to ......... Gwala Darshan
From 11-05 to 11-25 Madhyanh Bhog
From 12-00 to 12-25 Raj Bhog
From 12-40 to ......... Sukhala (Temple Closed)
From 05-00 to ......... Entry to devotees
From 05-30 to 05-45 Utthapan Bhog
From 07-30 to 07-45 Sandhya Bhog
From 07-45 to ......... Aarti Darshan
From 08-05 to 08-25 Shayan Bhog
From 08-30 to ......... Shayan Aarti
From 08-35 to 09-00 Darshan
From 09-00 to 09-20 Shringar Darshan (Large)
From 09-20 to 09-40 Stuti Darshan
From 09-40 to ......... Anosar (Temple Closed)
N.B.: Normally, this is the schedule. It however is subject to alter depending on festivals and seasonal arrangements by temple administration.
Day               Colour Special seva for clothes
Monday         Pink Full lengh 10 meter
Tuesday        Yellow Full lengh 4 meter
Wednesday    Green 24 meter jari scarf
Thursday      Saffron peetambar 1 piece
Friday      White Full lengh 24 meter outer curtain
Saturday        Blue Full lengh 10 meter internal curtain

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